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Ever since the invention of the slot machine players have been fans of the quick action, simple game play and of course big jackpots. While three reel slots still have some popularity the five reel slots have truly taken over. You've already decided you want to play online so browse below for the best sites.

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Slot Machines Guide

New to playing slots? The guides below will assist you in getting the most out of your money. Of course we can't guarantee that you'll win but we can help you make sure you have fun and give yourself the best chance of winning.

Tips and Strategies

While you will see many "systems" for sale on the Internet there is really nothing you can do to alter the outcome of a slot machine game. The one thing that you can control is yourself and how you manage your gambling money. Please remember that slot machines should be used as a form of entertainment only.

Tip 1 : Check to see if max bet is needed

With the addition of more and more lines and the option of betting more than one coin per line is well worth checking to see if you really need to play max bet or just max lines. In the case of progressives there is a definite advantage to playing max bet as you have the chance of winning the top jackpot but on non progressives it is sometimes not needed.

Before you play a five reel slot, take a moment to read the pay table and see is there is a bonus or additional feature available for max bet play. If not you can quite comfortable bet just one coin per line and still have a great time.

For example if you have a penny video slot with 20 lines and the option to bet between 1 and 25 coins per line the maximum possible bet is a big $5 - not exactly a low roller game. You could however play the same game for just 20ยข per spin if you just play 1 coin a line.

Tip 2 : Managing your money

Before you start any slot playing session you should set yourself realistic win and loss goals and stick to them. If you try to win millions every time you play then you will most likely lose most of the time and will only win if you have some incredible luck.

Strategy 1 : Increasing Bets As You Win
Lets use the slot machine example above to illustrate this strategy. Say you have $50 to play with. You start playing at 1 coin per line on all 20 lines if you get ahead by 20% or $10 you up your bet to 2 coins per line. If you win you keep upping your bet by one coin per line. If you lose you go back to the original bet. This strategy means you have the chance of bigger winnings while extending your playing time.

Strategy 2 : Playing Though Your Bankroll Once
Quite simply divide your bankroll by your bet size and play exactly that amount of spins. If you are ahead take your original bankroll and play through with just your winnings. This ensures you always leave the casino with something and you will get a lot of entertainment value over a few days from your gambling money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Why are the odds not worse if there are five reels instead of three?
A : If the modern day slots were mechanical like those invented in the late 1800's it would have made a difference but this is not the case today. All slots whether they be three, five or even seven reel are controlled by a random number generator. This sets the pay out percentage. A 3 reel and a 5 reel game both set at 97% will in the long term return the same amount of money to the player.

Q : Where can I buy a 5 reel slot machine for my home?
A : In most cases it is illegal to own your own slot machine. In some states in the US it is legal but you are restricted to games 25 years or older which rules out video slots. In any event why would you want one slot machine when you can have access to hundreds online. Remember that most online slots can be played for free.

Comparison of 3 Reel vs 5 Reel Games

Many players believe that because there are two extra reels that five reel games have worse odds when compared to a spinning reel game. This would have been true in the 1800's but not today. This is due to the fact that all slots now use a computer based random number generator to determine the spin outcomes.

If both games are set to pay out at 98% then over the long term they will pay out the same percentage of money that goes in. The biggest difference you will find is in the hit frequency. Because five reel games have many more winning combinations and more pay lines you will find that you are winning at least a small amount very frequently. This can extend greatly your playing time.

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